MEDIA ALERT – Matrimoney Clothing Co. Presents The “Dallas Capsule Release” Hosted by Dallas Cowboys Dwayne Harris


Matrimoney Clothing Co.
The”Dallas Capsule Release”

Hosted by Dallas Cowboys Dwayne Harris

Dallas clothiers Matrimoney is becoming quite the household name. Celebrities from the Westcoast to the Eastcoast are wearing this unique and  upcoming brand. Matrimony clothing has been seen on MTV’s hit series Guy Code and was one of the fastest growing and most influential lifestyle fashion brands in 2012 and continues to flourish globally to this day. So come out and join them as they unveil their newest pieces and accessories with celebrity host Dwayne Harris.

For media credentials please contact Nina Zavala at Media Check in will be at 11:30am.

Date: Saturday December 14, 2013.
Venue – CENTRE, 5307 E. Mockingbird, Dallas, TX.
Time: 12pm – 3pm

Matrimoney Clothing is a brand that stands for more than clothing.  It stands for a way of life; supporting independent people who use their passions to pay rent.  We believe we are a support group for do-ers, innovators, creators, crafters, visionaries; people who are able to envision their goals and see them through.  Matrimoney is an innovative spirit for the above-average person.

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